at Rogelja Herbal Farm includes walking through the herb gardens, herbal workshops and lectures on fields of production, processing, usage and substance of herbs. We also offer guided circular herbal hike (hike includes examination of herbal gardens and sights of karst landscape – caves, caverns, standing waters, dry walls, shepherd's houses, war trenches, etc.).


herbal teas, ointments, spirits, liquers, syrups, hydrosols and other herbal products. We offer ready made herbal products and as well products that are carefully and professionally made according to your wishes, needs and specific-individual problems.

Welcome to Rogelja Herbal Farm

We are located in small but beautiful karst village Vojščica, near to the Italian border in the western part of Slovenia. Passion for nature, health, well-being and hospitality are firmly rooted virtues of our ancestors, which are preserving in our hearts and family tradition from generation to generation.

We offer many things such as:

  • Teas
  • Hydrosols
  • Liquers
  • And more..